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Who are we?

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AUDITE Robotics for Autonomous Disinfection Technologies was established in 2019, with a mission to develop new green disinfection technologies.

We are a development firm within the Industry 4.0 category, focusing on advanced service robots. More specifically, friendly-user and free-non-touch-disinfection technologies.

 Our concept is so far targeted toward hospitals, care homes, cruise ships and many other similar lines where hygiene is a critical factor. With us, you can unlock potential disinfection solutions.

The Frontline Team

Audite Robotics CEO & CTO, Odense, Denmark
Audite Robotics CEO & CTO, Odense, Denmark

The Team

Our team is composed of multiple experts within their respective area, to provide the best possible overall disinfection solution. Each member was handpicked for the specific task of creating a new and innovative autonomous solution to meet the future disinfection needs.

Jacob S. Niclassen, CEO - Founder, Audite Robotics, Odense Denmark
Jacob S. Nicalssen, CEO & Founder, Audite Robotics

Jacob Sohrabi Niclassen


Being in charge of developing Green-Non-Touch Autonomous Disinfection Technologies, Jacob is the founder & CEO of AUDITE ROBOTICS.

He is responsible for the ongoing development and commercialization of Autonomous Disinfection Technologies. Based on his experience and insight into infection prevention and disinfection as Vice President in another Odense based robotics company, which is behind one the most successful disinfection robots in the world he decided to develop autonomous solutions, which are better, safer and more economical. 

“We have listened to the market and identified the true demand, and we are offering solutions to cope with the challenges in the market. Our first product “The AUDITE UV-C Hybrid” is much better than existing UV-C solutions, because we remove the bad smell when disinfecting and we can disinfect the air among people. We can’t wait to release the next solution later in 2022″, says Jacob.

Hans Peter B. Nielsen

B.Eng. Electronics & Computer Engineering

Hans is the Senior Service and Application Manager at AUDITE and he is in charge of all electronic development as well as the service and the maintenance of the existing and future solutions AUDITE has in the pipeline. Hans has a past as a service and applications engineer and manager at the successful UVD Robots ApS. This has given him a strong insight about technical challenges and solutions related to autonomous infection prevention and disinfection technologies.

Hans Peter B. Nielsen, CTO, Audite Robotics, Odense, Denmark
CTO Audite Robotics

Mads Høi Rasmussen

B.Sc. & MA Structural Engineering

Mads is in charge of the mechanical hardware setup and development. Whatever technology we look into Mads is responsible for the complete hardware setup, so we achieve maximum results with the technology we are working with.
Mads is engaged as a specialized advisor, because of his broad knowledge as an Associate Professor in the Department of Technology and Innovation at SDU (University of Southern Denmark).

Rudy Mandrup Cazelles

Project Manager Hardware R&D

Rudy is a young, talented profile within innovative product development. As AUDITE’s Project Manager Hardware R&D Rudy is already doing a great job with the optimization of our AUDITE UV-C Hybrid solution. Rudy has a degree in Engineering, more specifically PDI (Product Development & Innovation), and in addition to his work here with us, he has his own company together with some former fellow students, where they work with sustainability.

Rudy Mandrup Cazelles, Project Manager Hardware R&D, Audite Robotics, Odense Denmark.
R&D Audite Robotics


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