AUDITE UV-C Hybrid Robot

Autonomous disinfection solution to optimize your workflow

The AUDITE UV-C Hybrid Robot is your best option when it comes to disinfection at your institution. This fully autonomous robot can move around people in crowded places safely while disinfecting the air, providing a safer and healthier institution.

What is the AUDITE UV-C Hybrid Robot?

The AUDITE UV-C Hybrid Robot is the ONE AND ONLY 2-in-1 autonomous disinfection and infection prevention solution on the market. This new and fully autonomous robot is capable of both disinfecting the air with an air filtration system, and disinfecting surfaces with the 6 outer UV-C light bulbs. 

With this combination of functions, you can be 100% certain that any room disinfected by this robot lives up to the highest disinfection standards.

The AUDITE UV-C Hybrid Robot's key features

Air Disinfection

The AUDITE UV-C Hybrid Robot is capable of disinfecting 3000 liters of air/min, while also removing bad odour. This provides not only UV disinfection but also air filtration, making it multifunctional and useful in almost any scenario.

UV-C Disinfection

With the ultraviolet lamps that comes with the robot, you are guaranteed a scientifically proven log4 reduction (99,99%) when it comes to disinfecting your desired room.

Remote control

The robot comes with a smart and easy to use operation panel, but can also be controlled with a remote control. This works via an APP you can download for your Android tablet.

Convenient docking station

For recharging, the robot comes with a docking station. When you don't have any tasks for the robot, it will find its way back to the docking station in preparation for its next task.

Fully autonomous

The AUDITE robot is fully autonomous, meaning you don't need any staff to oversee the robot while it's working, freeing your employees to carry on with their work. Furthermore, the robot comes with PIR sensors that stops the robot from continuing its operation if there are humans nearby.

Cloud based storage (CBS)

Cloud based storage is an important part of the robot's functionality, as it allows for saving multiple routes and other relevant data for future use.

Where can I use the AUDITE UV-C Hybrid Disinfection Robot?

The AUDITE robot allows for disinfection any place at any time, due to the new and innovative 2-in-1 technology. If no one is around you can have both the air filtration and the UV light disinfection enabled at the same time, but if it’s a crowded place simply turn off the outer UV light and leave the air filtration on.

By doing so, you can keep on disinfecting your area in almost any scenario.

Use Cases

The SARS- CoV-2 or COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the critical role the air plays in spreading the disease.

This fact has always been known in healthcare and among Infection preventionists, but now the information is widely spread and known in the commercial sector too.

Compared to alternative UV-C systems the AUDITE Hybrid can disinfect among people autonomously, which increase the utilisation of the units, and opens for new markets:

UV disinfection robot audite for air disinfection and surface disinfection
UV disinfection robot audite for air disinfection and surface disinfection
UV disinfection robot audite for air disinfection and surface disinfection

And much more...

The effectivity of the AUDITE UV-C Hybrid Robot's UV light

The UV-C light that comes with the robot is the most effective disinfection tool there is, ensuring you that any pathogen affected stops replicating itself, which creates a non-infectious environment.

The AUDITE UV-C Hybrid Robot has two inner UV-C lamps, that helps disinfect the air that goes out through the chimney of the robot.
Furthermore, there are six external lamps mounted on a highly reflective tower, resulting in an extremely effective, 10 meter range, 360° log 4 reduction (99,99%).


Comparing the AUDITE Robot to regular UV disinfection robots

Regular UV robot

Total weight


Disinfection modes
UVC radiation mode

Disinfection time
10-15 min/room

Air disinfection
NOT possible

Operating time
2-2,5 hours

Battery charging time
4-6 hours

Working conditions
People CAN NOT be present during disinfection

Autonomous operation

Emergency failsafe


Total weight

L56*W58*H170cm = better fit for narrow places

Disinfection modes
MODE 1 = UVC radiation mode / MODE 2 = Air-circulating mode

Disinfection time
5-10 min/room

Air disinfection
3000 liter/min

Operating time
Up to 6 hours

Battery charging time
3 hours

Working conditions
People CAN be present during disinfection with air-circulating mode

Autonomous operation

Emergency failsafe
Microwave sensors that stops the robot when humans are nearby

Technical features of the AUDITE Hybrid

The AUDITE robot comes with a lot of new technical features, making it the most advanced UV-C robot on the market yet. 
The features include both ultrasonic and air impact sensors, while also including an easy-to-use operation panel for convenient controle of the robot.

As a brand new element for this type of UV-C robot, it comes with an air filtration system that uses the Philips NanoProtect coarse filter technology, making it multifunctional and effective for any disinfection purpose. 



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