Audite Robotics

Autonomous solution for infection prevention

UV-C Disinfection Robot

Our mission is to provide life saving technology by developing Autonomous Infection Prevention Robots

We are constantly developing new autonomous disinfection and Infection Prevention technologies that are effective, safe and green, giving us the oppurtunity to contribute towards making the world just a little bit safer. 

Our goal

Autonomous Disinfection Technologies is a commercially based development company within Industry 4.0. We focus on advanced autonomous welfare tech solutions, that bring efficiency improvements and infection prevention in healthcare as well as crowded areas such as airports, train stations, cruise ships, office facilities etc. We wish to prevent cross contamination with well-functioning, user safe and effective autonomous solutions.

Why you should invest in autonomous Infection Prevention solutions

UVC disinfection cobot for air disinfection and surface disinfection, Audite Robotics, Odense, Denmark.
UVC Disinfection Robot by AuditeRobotics

UV-C Hybrid Robot

Disinfection is usually a manual, costly and unhealthy operation – thus go for Autonomous Disinfection Technologies…

Introducing the ONE AND ONLY FULLY AUTONOMOUS 2-IN-1 HYBRID UV-C ROBOTICS SYSTEM that is able to disinfect 3000 liters of air/minute, while moving around safely in crowded places. 
Our first
 autonomous robot is capable of disinfecting safely and effectively with UV-C hybrid robot- among people – your best option when it comes to full disinfection, air disinfection and surface disinfection at your institution.


New robot coming soon...

Based on our vast experience within Infection Prevention we know all about the Pros and Cons with UV-C disinfection, which is why we with our innovative nerve have the next disinfection robots lined up in our technical roadmap, where we soon will launch the second robot.

Audite next robot

Our team

The AUDITE team is a sophisticated group of experts with a common goal of creating the most effective autonomous infection prevention and disinfection robot. 

Each member of the team brings important knowledge to the table. Combined, they gives us the perfect foundation to create and build the best possible autonomous disinfection solution on the market.

With a variety of skills on board, we have the means necessary to achieve this goal, and we work hard and focused in order to do so. 



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